The San Francisco Cliff House

The San Francisco Cliff House

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The San Francisco Cliff House by Mary Germain Hountalas offers a stunning tour of a fascinating and one-of-a-kind landmark. Mary Germain Hountalas and her husband Dan, have been operating the Cliff House since 1973. Over nearly four decades, Hountalas has become a serious historian of the Cliff House and a dedicated collector of countless artifacts associated with the historic Cliff House. The history of this fabled site spans 150 years, beginning in the mid-1800s when the original building stood alone on the edge of the Pacific. The next incarnation, built by the visionary Adolph Sutro, was a gingerbread castle that attracted Sarah Bernhardt, Buffalo Bill, and other celebrities of the day. Sutro’s structure withstood the earthquake of 1906 but was razed by fire in 1907. Rebuilt in 1909, the decades that followed saw the Cliff House go in and out of fashion with the public. Chronicled through dramatic visuals and an insider’s unique narrative, The San Francisco Cliff House and its colorful history parallel the irrepressible spirit of San Francisco itself.